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Viola Gay abt Kentucky. Ute Gay managed by Ute Gay last edited 8 Mar He rose to Colonel, commanding, of the Rockbridge militia in I think at this stage that the brothers were probably partners in the lumber business, with James being the working partner, and that the works on the Kickapoo were probably still on the drawing boards, or in a state of construction. Dolson Gay abt Bath, NY - aft The maps show quite a few Gays and Guys in the western Scottish regions around Glasgow, and this was indeed the jumping off point for Ireland, but the maps suggest that this patrilineage of Scottish GAYs most likely originated in Fife. The six households on the first page include those headed by John M Gay, and Isaac Jenks, both lumbermen, and one Jonathan Willard, sawyer, as well as the household of Benjamin Twining, farmer, and they share a post office different from that of the remaining households of the township.

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Harriet had nine children, and lived to be 90 years old.

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GAY Genealogy

Why have I been locked out of my Family tree; with no listing of my name on the tree--Leonard 10 Oct It has recently come to be recognized that the vast majority of early Virginia immigrants were indentured servants typically transportees via London but there are reasons, which I will discuss below, why Henry was not, probably, of this class. Not to be confused with the official state website, we've found the Digital State Archives website for the State of Kentucky to be a good source for additional links. William Gay abt managed by Carlos Pinkham last edited 12 Feb Here is what he wrote: Click this thumbnail map for a more detailed zoomed in view. The Find-a-Grave website is an excellent research tool with information about a cemetery's location and interments.

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So Gays Creek may originally have been Gay's Creek. William Gay aft - abt Bert Gay Michigan, United States. John of Watertown, The first Gay to settle in America was probably the John Gay, born saywho was admitted, before 6May, to membership in the church of Watertown, in Massachusetts Bay Colony, implying that he had been recognized as a freeman of the colony the previous year. The ancestors of my grandparents were Scotch people. Then, just about the time the young men were coming home, John added a grist mill to the operation, and built a bridge across the Kickapoo to facilitate access by local farmers. That it also helps us to understand the community in which our ancestors lived, the community that was part of their daily lives.

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