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He was having liver problems related to his HIV condition for some years. I would very much like to create a solo page of that work. Any artist wanting to depict feet as a fetish will want to place them in the foreground like this and Palanca's execution of the tricky perspective involved is skilful and convincing. And his drawings don't need any help at all to be understood. Links Lists Adam G. Bookmark the site - it will be back.

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The charming notepaper on which the sketch is done provides a rather camp frame for the image which seems entirely appropriate.

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This picture epitomises that, the worshipper has even used a knife to access his object of desire, a hint of 'edge' that is not untypical of Palanca's work. Contact with these render artists! I hope you like what you see!! At the beginning of each month, a new list of updates to my website will be posted. Each entry will feature a different artist, posting not only representative art, but also the most inclusive links I can find to their work.

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