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Others attempt to place their kids in ex-gay ministries, like Memphis' controversial Love in Action program. Some housing rules are at the host family's discretion, such as curfew. He's into pizza and chocolate-chip cookies. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. Bills are piling up, and I came in here and talked to Will [Batts].

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In the Bible Belt, it's not uncommon for parents to reject children when they come out.

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Down and Out

Housing Having raised a gay son of their own, the Words don't understand how families can reject their gay children. We think he's a doll. Crisis Center director Mike Labonte says about 1 percent of their monthly calls deal with sexual orientation issues, and some of those calls come from gay youth or parents who don't know how to handle or reconcile the coming-out process. Eventually, his parents let him come back home, but not for long. Tim whose name has been changed for this story was kicked out of his parents' home in Clarksville, Tennessee, at age 13 after he came out to his mother. Batts is an administrator, while Word offers her firsthand knowledge from hosting Tim.

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The young men share a Cooper-Young apartment, but they haven't had electricity for months. Some kick their children out of the house. Parents coming to terms with gay children find similar support at monthly Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays meetings, held on the first Thursday of each month at the Benjamin L. Will It Affect Crime Rate? Domestic partnerships are unheard of in these parts. Will Batts, Deb Word, and therapist Bob Loos make up the three-person YES committee responsible for recruiting host families and drafting program rules. Kurts-Crume says some new parents show up at meetings "totally hysterical," but the meetings offer a place for them to gain understanding and support.

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