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Studies show that men who do are twice as likely to become HIV positive. Use speech-to-text techniques to transcribe your show and edit transcripts. But one thing is obvious: When it comes to grub, Rehoboth offers countless options for any palate. Like most gay sections tucked away in beach resorts, Poodle gets very crowded very quickly, so if you want prime real estate, you need to stake a spot by noon.

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That was what we needed first, just to be seen.

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The Ultimate Gay Guide to Rehoboth

We have demanded a place at the table, to use Bill Clinton's phrase, but now that it is laid, some of us insist on still behaving with the silly rebelliousness of extended adolescence. Gay men primp and preen, moisturise and exfoliate. And when it comes to sex, whether it's paying for it, or being beaten, or weed on, or doing it in groups, or doing it in saunas, we make no judgments about the effects on our health, emotional or mental, or the effects on our ability to make moral judgments in the world. We still even have beauty contests. Critter Beach stocks gourmet treats, accessories, and food you may have forgotten.

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We are close friends gathered around a table with lots to say. Because the lid had been on the pressure cooker for so long, and we were defined by sex, then in order to be truly, madly, deeply gay, we had to celebrate everything homosexual. The charming fish-and-chips shop on Rehoboth Avenue. Older or younger, this club has it all. Your standard Rehoboth house party.

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