Canadian gay marriage vote

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The territorial justice minister, Charles Denthad previously said that the government would not contest such a lawsuit. Made a speech in the House of Commons that his constituents and himself are against the bill. Retrieved November 3, Supported Harper's amendment for civil unions. Those with a higher income, a university degree or who were born in Canada were also more likely to support same-sex marriage. While C was in 2nd reading, he stated that his constituents are overwhelmingly opposed to SSM.

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Made another speech in the House, this time focusing more on the legal aspects of marriage.

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Members of the 38th Canadian Parliament and same-sex marriage

Prince Edward—HastingsON. Delegates requested a detailed hard copy of the electronic voting records, which led to a recount. Retrieved on 7 December Voted "yes" on amendment. One right shouldn't outweigh the other. The Senate passed Bill C on third reading by a margin of 47 to 21 on July 19,

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As mentioned above, Canadian cohabiting same-sex couples are entitled to many of the same legal and financial benefits as married opposite-sex couples. He stated equality rights are too important, and that Civil Marriage should be available to gays and lesbians in all of the land. This issue is dead. Red DeerAB. It is a complex public policy issue and one that would have an impact on every Canadian. Said he believes most of his constituents are against; his personal beliefs are the same. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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