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We at Narcity Media use Google Analytics to better understand our audience. And in general, if you actually want a nice hot-tub and steam room and dry sauna, you can find much nicer and better at a non-gay spa, such as Bota Bota or Scandinave, say, which will also have nicer relaxation areas with plants and soft music and perhaps a fountain, rather than an old chair in a corner with a dusty fake plant if you're lucky and disco music blaring from tinny speakers. There is a living room on the main floor that has cable TV with the choice of channels if you are alone, otherwise on consensus or first come first serve. It lasted for around 2 days for me. There is also another room with gay movies that you will probably want to skip. Do I need a passport?

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But it will not anymore be much less expensive than a regular gym with a whirlpool and sauna.

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This Is What It's Like Working At A Montreal Gay Bathhouse

People lose consciousness, have a bad trip, don't know where they are and we do what we can to make sure they're safe before calling the ambulance. Those are simple text files written on your computer by your browser. We use a technology provided by Facebook called The Facebook Pixel. In the basement there is a cinema room with a bit TV screen showing one of the french movie channels, no choice there. As for specific saunas: Even getting a cab to bring you to one of the low key gay clubs can be problematic. Every spot can be used for having oral or anal sex, except for areas where there's food being served or the hot tub because accidents happen when lazy bottoms don't douche.

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Tristou mentioned that there are some saunas in the burbs that caters mostly to married men cheating their wives. Montreal's many bathhouses and there are a lot, 13 in total are places of mystery for many. Regardless if you are attracted to the other guy, you have to have some willpower to not start sucking dick so you can get your work done. Are these places "clean"? Personally I would suggest the Centreville.

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