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Random Harem An American businessman is taken prisoner by a sadistic Turkish Master and turned into a feminized slave subjected to body modification, torture, and sexual abuse My hairy Deimos: After I'd been on the couch for a few minutes, with my eyes closed, I felt the couch bounce, then felt someone slide onto it next to me, felt a hand on my shoulder, and heard Chris's voice, "Hey Brad, move over so I can sit next to you. I heard the door close. Chris has nothing to be ashamed of in the muscles department - he's a really hot stud.

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As Chris fucked my mouth I moaned and slurped with pleasure on his huge cock.

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I kneeled behind him and as I kissed his shoulder and the top of his arm I let my arms reach under his. I reached for the faucets and turned them on before he could get out and the two of us were showered with ice cold water. I pulled them down and was greeted by his beautiful manhood, this was the reason he practically made girls his slave. Then I stumbled to my feet and fell against my naked buddy, my hands rubbing his hard pecs and rippled abs.

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