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However, Richard Attenborough fresh of the musical work of "Ghandi" and dancing with animals in "Doctor Doolittle" ended up directing this film which bore little to no resemblance to the stage show. With reluctance, the dancers reveal their pasts. Instead of making them read a short audition, Zach asks, each hopeful to give a personal history of how they came to be in show business and what are their hopes, and inspirations. And please Michael Douglas, don't be ashamed about it and stop making jokes about your part in this movie as the worst choice of your life. It would be hard to imagine a worse director. It was meta before the idea was invented, 25 years before Adaptation noodled with a similar idea.

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A Chorus Line question

Zach had cast her in a featured part previously, and they had lived together for several years. And they'll have to wonder just how it got to be the longest-running musical in Broadway history -- until a little show called CATS overtook it in the late 's. First off, Attenborough a fine actor, a good director with the right material is a sorry choice - almost as bad as when John Huston was hired to mangle ANNIE. It was an amazing experience and I paid to see the movie when it hit theatres back in The cinematography, costumes and sets are nice to look at, the songs and score are great, Michael Douglas is good as the show's producer and Alyson Reed is touching as Cassie.

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The movie is 'good' at best, but completely loses much of what made ACL so successful on Broadway. The latest touring production of the musical is being directed and choreographed by talent from the original production. It was the worst ever in the history of musicals. Best Performance in a Supporting Role in a Musical. If you're auditioning as a dancer, you get shown a bar dance combination once, you do it, and then they decide immediately whether you're in or out.

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